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zombicide, zombicide figurines, painted figurines, board game miniatures, board games

Ever since we started gaming together, we have tried to find ways to enhance the gaming experience.  For us, the ambiance really amps up game night.  We have done themed drinks and food and have painted figurines, but have found that the enhancement that gives you the biggest bang for your buck (and your time) is creating a custom gaming playlist.   Here we’ll share one of our most-used playlists (refined through years of test-trial and gaming) as well as share some tips so that you can make your own, top notch gaming playlist.

Enter Zombicide

zombicide, board games, cooperative board games, guillotine games


If you haven’t had the opportunity to play this game, you absolutely need to log off your computer (after finishing reading this post), go to your local game store, and buy it right now.   Or, buy it on amazon here (although we are always a proponent of supporting local gaming stores).


This was the game that united the quest friends – the game that forged our friendship.  Nothing brings a group together like surviving a zombie apocalypse!


Like in Pandemic, in Zombicide it’s the group vs. the board where you spend your turns trying to complete various objectives while slaughtering as many zombies as possible.  And trying not to die.  Actually, it’s more trying not to die than anything else.


zombicide, board games, zombicide characters, character cards


The game comes with a booklet of various scenarios that vary in recommended number of players and difficulty level.  Probably the best thing about this game is that winning is not always easy (or possible) – this gives a real sense of danger. If you win every time its not worth playing, right? That’s what we like to tell ourselves at least.

And how cute are these figurines??  Painting them is another way to enhance the gaming experience.  Follow this link to our past post for tips on how to paint your figurines!

zombicide, miniatures, painted figurines, board game miniatures, zombies


But onto the point of this post: our playlist!

Above is the playlist that we made specifically for the base edition of Zombicide.

Tips for making your own playlist

  1. Consider the genre and theme of the game – for Zombicide, we wanted an edgy/alternative feel for this post-apocalyptic world.
  2. Think about the songs that motivate you.  Do you want something to amp you up in a killing frenzy?  Do you want a more introspective tune for focusing?  Are you adventuring and envisioning yourself in The Shire?
  3. Don’t forget to go to your favorite movie soundtracks.  One of the Quest Friends has a soundtrack obsession, and has the ability to name the track and composer after listening to a 10 second sample of the song.
  4. Ask your fellow gamers what their favorite songs are, that way you have an inclusive playlist for your team.
  5. Do not forget the importance of a good sound system.  These are the two we use most regularly – the Bose Speaker is portable and lightweight, but the UE Roll2 is waterproof if you are gaming by the pool.

Let us know about any other games you would like to see custom playlists for!  And if you make your own, be sure to share it with us on instagram!

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