Chillin with My Gnomies D&D Campaign- Meet the Crew

dungeons and dragons miniatures, hero forge, gnomes

Our Chillin with My Gnomies campaign is a series of one shots that we are running with a group of hapless yet entertaining gnomes. For us, creating a compelling or funny backstory for our D&D characters (even for one shots) really enhances our playing. We do find that our backstories/character motivations tend to evolve over time as our players interact with each other.

We also LOVE designing custom Hero Forge miniatures of our characters and painting them. Since we usually run our campaigns with some props (map, miniatures, impromptu scenery pieces from whatever we have lying around), having the custom figurines really adds to the fun for us. If you haven’t tried out Hero Forge yet we highly recommend it!

dungeons and dragons, hero forge, hero forge miniatures, gnomes

Anyways here’s a little introduction to our Gnomies characters – we’re excited for you to get to know them further as we share our Traveler’s Logs from our journey!

Kellen Stumbleduck Timbers

dungeons and dragons miniatures, hero forge miniatures, gnomes

Kellen Stumbleduck Timbers is a bard of great acclaim.  His crooning voice woos men and women alike, and he has been known to steal a heart or two with nothing but a sultry look and a lazy strum of his guitar.

At least, that’s what he tells himself.

When he’s actually placed on a stage or asked to perform?  Instant, paralyzing stage fright.

What he needs is a propanolol prescription.  What he has is an alcohol addiction.

Rumor has it, though, that he was able to thwart an attempt to overthrow a king one fateful night.  If only he wasn’t completely, black out drunk, when it happened….


Galtina Frizzladie – “Galtina the Giantslayer”

dungeons and dragons miniatures, hero forge, gnomeGaltina is a newly minted Ranger whose obsession with Giants isn’t at all tempered by her small stature. She is setting off on a trip with her cousin Kellen to gain worldwide fame and most importantly- to FIND A GIANT to battle!

Galtina has a lot of heart and enthusiasm behind her, but not a lot of skill. For a Ranger, she’s not very subtle or discerning. Her good intentions can lead to chaos rather than help solve the problem. The mountains (where she was raised) is the only terrain she really knows… knowledge about other areas from her ranger training always seemed to go in one ear and out the other. In her eagerness to find and defeat a Giant, she assumes any Large creature she comes across on her travels is a foe waiting to be tackled. Not always a good idea when you’re a three foot tall gnome!

In her mind, she’s already an acclaimed giant slayer and tries to get everyone around her to call her Galtina the Giantslayer. If any stranger dares to point out her lack of experience Galtina won’t stop trying to convince them that yes, she has already slain a giant! And she’s an expert at it, OKAY?? There were witnesses… she just can’t recall their names right now.


Seebo Alebender

dungeons and dragons miniatures, hero forge, gnomes

If you’re looking for Seebo Alebender, you’re likely to find him in the most boisterous tavern in town with a horn of mead in one hand and singing along with the bards loudly enough to be heard from outside. Call him a two-faced limp-fingered whoreson and he’ll cheerfully throw down with enough ruckus to start a full-on brawl in the tavern. But call him a sloppy drunk, and his face assumes a look of somewhat petulant self-righteousness. “Why I’m a Cleric of Dionysus,” he says with great dignity, “and how else, I ask you, am I supposed to pay homage to the great God of Wine and Revelry?

Those who’ve known Seebo for more than a few years know full well that his appetite for drunken shenanigans go back decades before he “found God”, so to speak. Others assert he was only allowed into the Brotherhood because he told them that he was from a famous clan of mountain dwarves known for their alcohol tolerance (he is, in fact, a very fat, hairy gnome with an oversized liver).

But folks have a way of forgetting about the past when Seebo offers benediction in the form of libations. Turns out his faith is usually a lot more fun than theirs.


Bilroth Boarhide

dungeons and dragons miniatures, hero forge, gnomes

The Boarhide family takes their name from their long family tradition of boar herding and breeding. That’s right, Bilroth is a total hillbilly who spent his childhood herding pigs. While he may not be cultured, working the fields has given him strength, athletic ability, and a knack for animal handling.

Instead of persuading the king with eloquent speech, Bilroth is more likely to influence others by helping with tasks around town and protecting the herds of nearby farmers from wolves (by chasing them off on boarback of course).

Bilroth carries a mighty sword while on foot, and uses a lance while on boarback. He fed giant’s blood to his loyal pig mount, Sir Francis Bacon, making him increase to the size of a small warhorse, which works well with his cavalier fighting style. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he and Sir Francis know how to get the job done.


Guest Appearances by…

We’ve been lucky enough to have some friends that are willing to give D&D a shot with us! Several have made guest appearances in the Gnomies campaign with some really creative characters.


During their exploration of the Tower of the Mad Mage, the party came across a large shaking mass in the corner of a room.  No it wasn’t a gelatinous cube, but in fact it  was actually Aioli, the fattest gnome they had ever seen.

Despite his girth, he has remarkably nimble hands  (at least when it comes to pilfering food).  In place of Rogue daggers he sports an excellent set of steak knives on his belt, and dons a tablecloth as a cape. He would be far sneakier if he could only just stop munching on snacks…

Gladys the Matchmaking Gnome

Gladys is a gnome reaching her golden years, but don’t tell her that! She’s still rocking her tight leopard print dress and beehive hairdo like nobody’s business (at least in her mind…). Gladys is a lover, not a fighter. She uses her druidic senses to bring together unlikely matches and cast the most potent of love spells.



Check back soon to see how our first Gnomies adventure went in our Traveler’s Log updates! How will this ragtag group begin their quest? In a tavern, of course, like all great adventurers!

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