The Dawn Chasers – Meet the Crew

Kristen here! I recently DMed for the first time using the The Dawn Chasers D&D module by MT Black (check out my write-up of the experience here), and the rest of the Questies came up with some really fun characters for this module. This was our first party with only non-humanoid characters which made for some fun role playing with NPCs and the other players. Check out their bios below!

As part of their prep for the module, I had each player make up three rumors about their character that were handed out to the other players before we started.  These rumors could be true or false (the player receiving the rumor wouldn’t know which), and basically represented what each character had heard about the others around town. It gave them some conversation starters for their “meet at the tavern” introduction. The rumors are listed below for each character- my personal favorite is the “lady fingers” rumor that Sammy came up with for her lizardfolk!

I also picked out a special item that each player received at the beginning of the module (there’s more about why I did this in my DM write-up). Below I chime in about what item each character received and how it fit in with their background and personality.

I hope you enjoy my players’ character write-ups! Let us know who your favorite character is, either here on the post or over on Instagram (questfriendsgaming)!

Silky Underfeathers

Played by Pendell

dungeons and dragons figurinesSilky, like most Aarakocra, is from the Elemental Plane of Air. One day he was flying around for fun, exploring the Plane, and he saw a shiny bright light that was just too shiny not to investigate. His parents had warned him not to get too distracted by shiny things, but it was just sooo shiny. So he flew towards it, and suddenly felt all tingly and weird and then realized he was flying straight towards an ocean that smelled very different than any he had ever smelled before. He pulled up just in time not to crash into the waves. All around there was nothing but ocean in all directions. So he explored for a while and then found a boat full of people with shiny teeth and wonderful hats with feathers. One guy even had a tiny colorful eagle baby on his shoulder who was very friendly and made Silky feel slightly less alone in this strange world with no Aarakocra.

But then they suddenly trapped Silky and said something about selling him to the zoo! He didn’t know what a zoo was, but it sounded horrible, and captivity was just not compatible with life for him, so he resisted. He killed four guards who got too close to the cage, by beaking them right in the face when they were taunting him. So instead of selling him to the zoo they decided to just kill him. They tied him up in thick metal chains and threw poor Silky overboard. At the last moment, as he was about to drown deep in the ocean, Silky’s ethereal birdy forefathers appeared to him and granted him the strength to break his chains in a freak bird rage. He resurfaced to find the ship was gone.

So he plotted his revenge. Since then he has been known as Silky the Unchained. He used his captives chains to make a new weapon by adding a weighted blade on the end and training to exact his revenge. He learned to use his stealthy flight best at night, where he was nearly invisible as he stalked his pirate enemies. The pirates fool enough to be found on deck in the middle of night would only hear the briefest rattle of chains above them as they drew their last breath. The pirates who happened to witness the events and live speak of an “invisible flying rattlesnake of death.” He seeks out the evil pirate with the shiny teeth and evil fake baby eagle on his shoulder, who was the captain of the ship who decided to kill Silky.

His near death experience underwater left Silky with a deathly fear of water, but he doesn’t share this story easily, so others don’t understand why his feathers shake uncontrollably when he gets wet. He is torn between his love of tasty fish and his fear of water.

More than anything, he seeks to find a way to go back home to the Plane of Air. He is lonely in the Material Plane, and doesn’t know that there are Aarakocra colonies in this plane.

By day he works for food at the docks (he is too scared of water to fish for himself, and the docks are a wonderful place to collect information from other sailors about where certain pirates might be), and by night he is the deadly eagle assassin of the skies, always trying to find his final revenge.

Silky’s Three Rumors

  • I am deathly terrified of water. (TRUE)
  • I have a stash of shiny objects that might be worth a small fortune. (TRUE, but I have no concept of why anyone would want to sell it, I just think it’s valuable only because its shiny).
  • An Aarakocra is made by a necromancer burying an eagle’s egg in a fresh grave, then after 1 full moon an arakocra pops out. (FALSE)

Silky’s Special Item

For Silky I chose the Necklace of Adaptation (DMG pg 182), which allows the user to breathe normally in any environment. With Silky’s fear of water, becoming attuned to this necklace over time could help him conquer his fear. Plus it’s shiny, and Silky only values things that are shiny.


Rain on the Mountain

Played by Sully

dungeons and dragons figurine, tabaxi

Rain on the Mountain, slayer of monsters and protector of the weak, is a Tabaxi in search of adventure.

Although now known for his quick fingers, quick blade, and quick tongue, Rain started out as an orphan on the streets.  His life had no direction until he accidently tried to steal from a master swordsman, who luckily was impressed enough with Rain’s agility to show him another way.  This man was Shadow of the Fox, and he taught Rain the way of the sword and also the way of the gentleman  Rain learned how to charm a crowd, create disguises, and above all defend the weak.

As the next part of his training, Rain on the Mountain was sent into the world to find adventure, and told he “would know” when it was time to return.

He now can be found in Waterdeep working on the docks to get by, while keeping an ear out to hear of rumors for his next great adventure…

Rain’s Three Rumors

  • I once defeated a troll with a single crossbow bolt. (FALSE)
  • I once charmed a succubus with a smile. (FALSE)
  • I once neutralized a manticore with nothing more than a rope and a bell. (FALSE)

Rain’s Special Item

I chose the Deck of Illusions for Rain on the Mountain. I thought this would be great for a rogue character, since these illusions can be used for distraction and misdirection. This deck of cards, when a card is drawn at random and thrown to the ground, creates an illusion whose form is dependent on which card is drawn. It can range from a dragon to a priest and his acolytes to an illusion of the character. When Rainn used the deck, he drew a King of Clubs which caused a bandit captain and three bandit minions to appear at the card’s location while the party was fighting a group of storm mephits. The illusion was soon discovered by most of the mephits, but it gave the party a chance to re-group. I can’t wait to see what other things pop out of this deck in their next adventure!


Lizardfolk (Ihrtos)

Played by Sammy

dungeons and dragons figurine, lizardfolkSlinking through the Sword Coast is a Lizardfolk Monk who practices the Way of Shadows.  For the right price, he can make your enemies…disappear.  He has no official name (because a shadow has no name), but if prompted he will tell you his people call  him Irhtos, which means secret.

He travels with a circus whose performers all have a unique set of “skills,” and whose targets reside in whatever town they stop to perform in.  He specializes as a rope artist and also plays the Guzheng.  In the right light, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of a Guzheng wire wrapped around his arm, which he uses as a garrote on unsuspecting targets.

Recently, he has been spending time playing the Guzheng by the docks, while studying the habits of his next victim.

His motivations are utility – people and things are assessed in terms of how useful they will be to him presently and in the future.  He is literal, calculating, and does not understand empathy.  He is, however, learning to laugh to better blend in with the human folk (because humans love laughter).  He is also learning how to use metaphors and tries to use them (very inappropriately) at every opportunity.

Lizardfolk’s Three Rumors

  • I have a pouch where I carry the fingers of my victims, which I will pull out and eat as a snack (believing this is what people mean when they tell me they enjoy eating ladyfinger biscuits). (TRUE)
  • I have often gotten into trouble on the docks for laughing inappropriately at other workers. (TRUE)
  • There have been strange disappearances that seem to coincide with whenever I am in town (TRUE)

Lizardfolk’s Special Item

I chose the Bag of Devouring (DMG pg 153) for the Lizardfolk. The Bag of Devouring is a bag that resembles a bag of holding, but is actually the a feeding orifice for a giant extradimensional creature. When the bag is opened and something (or someone) is put inside, there is a chance it will be pulled into the creature’s stomach and have to make a ST to escape or be pulled out by someone else.

I thought this would be a great fit for the Lizardfolk because of his assassin profession and his no-nonsense approach to emotional dealings with other people. There was also a little bit of a meta-gaming approach to my decision because I knew Sammy would come up with some great role playing scenarios with the bag. Like stuffing a Kraken tentacle into the bag… no big deal.



Played by Jon (Kristen’s brother)

dungeons and dragons figurine, dragonborn

Balthazar started his life as a simple farm boy, growing up out in the country with his family in a peaceful, small farming community. From an early age he dreamed of someday leaving the farm and setting off to see the world and find adventure. Balthazar would take old pieces of broken fence and fashion them into weapons, practicing his fighting skills out in the fields while he tended to the flocks of rams.

Always disciplined and serious about any task he took on, he would practice his weapons skills three times a day without fail. After years of this training and planning to leave (Balthazar is never one to do something without thinking it through thoroughly) he finally set out on a journey into the mountains.

For two years he traveled through the mountains seeing new places and making money as a day laborer in the towns he stayed in along his path. He kept meticulous records of all his finances and always made sure he was paid on time and in full. This whole time he kept his weapons skills sharp, and was able to hone his home-taught fighting techniques but never saw any real fighting. No bandit would try to rob such an intimidating looking creature on the road, and Balthazar was too cool headed to get involved in any tavern brawls or unnecessary skirmishes.

In the last town Balthazar visited in the mountains, a King’s guardsman turned up dead just as he was leaving town. The villagers, being unfamiliar with Dragonborn, were quick to pin the death of the guard on Balthazar and he had to flee from the King’s Guard to avoid arrest and certain death for a crime he didn’t commit. Now on the run, Balthazar abandoned his trek through the mountains for the Sword Coast, where he has been working as a day laborer on the docks of Waterdeep. He plans to set sail as soon as he can earn enough to buy passage on any ship to escape the King’s Guard. A very straight-laced fellow, Balthazar is still not willing to go down for a crime he didn’t commit, and wants to avoid any confrontation with the King’s Guard.

Balthazar’s Three Rumors

  • My family disowned me for leaving the farm (FALSE)
  • I murdered a guardsman from the King’s Army (FALSE)
  • I’m wanted by the King’s Army (TRUE)

Balthazar’s Special Item

For Balthazar I chose a Potion of Flying. Jon wanted his Dragonborn to have wings, so by giving him the Potion of Flying he was able to use his otherwise non-functional wings for flying during the adventure in a limited way.

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