Gaming House Rules

Here are some of our House Rules that we’ve come up with over the years for different games. We think having homebrew House Rules gets everyone more invested in the gaming experience, leads to more gaming group camaraderie, and is just plain fun!

House Rules board game bookshelf

All Games

  • Snacks are required, not optional
  • Themed drinks are a must
  • When you go on a vacation with your gaming friends, you play a game to decide who gets the best room in the airbnb/house, etc.

Blood Rage

  • When you invade with the Troll monster, you have to sing the “Troll Toll” song from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • When you invade with the sea serpent, you have to wiggle your arms over your head like loose noodles and scream in a high-pitched tone

Dungeons and Dragons

  • If you bring a bottle of wine to a questing night, it BETTER have a D&D reference somewhere in the label or the name (side note: send us your D&D wine recommendations! We’re always looking for new ones!)

Game of Thrones the Board Game

  • When arriving to a Game of Thrones gaming session, everyone must greet each other by yelling “King in the North!”. This phrase should be yelled repeatedly throughout the game, especially by House Stark when they complete a good move or victory


  • The ghost should be wearing a ghost costume while playing (just find an old sheet and cut some eye holes out, we’re not fancy!). This one is hilarious, and also helps the ghost not give anything away with their facial expressions! We have terrible poker faces

Settlers of Catan

  • Whoever wins is awarded the title of the Lord of Catan until they are de-throned by the next winner of Settlers

Sherlock Holmes- Consulting Detective

  • When reading anything from the newspaper or clue booklet, you must read it in a British accent


  • When you select the Ratmen as your new race, you have to sing “Ratmen! AAH-AAH-AAH” to the tune of the Day Man song from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Twilight Imperium

  • The “hardest loser” of the last game gets to choose their faction first. This isn’t necessarily the person who had the lowest score. It’s the player that had a hard defeat in a battle, was royally betrayed by an ally, or came soooo close to winning but had everyone gang up on them in the end. The group votes on the hardest loser after every game.
  • Each player wears a pinnie (like the ones we used to wear at soccer practice) the same color as your pieces on the board. It helps everyone remember who is playing who!


  • Cannot be played without some seriously good zombie ass-kicking music. You can find our playlist here!


We’d love to hear about and feature some of your house rules too! Send them on over to us either here or on Instagram (questfriendsgaming) or Twitter (QFriendsGaming)!